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How to Fix an Error 404 issue in WordPress

How you may be able to resolve an Error 404 Page content missing on a WordPress website :
If you’ve been seeing an Error 404 Page Content Missing on your WordPress website, don’t panic! Here’s a quick guide on how to fix it:
1. **Check the URL:** Sometimes, the error happens when the URL is misspelled or the page has been moved and the URL wasn’t updated.
2. **Check .htaccess file:** The .htaccess file in your WordPress installation may be corrupted. To fix this, you need to login to your site via FTP and rename your .htaccess file. Your website will create a new one.
3. **Update your Permalinks:** Navigate to Settings > Permalinks. Click “Save Changes” without changing anything. WordPress will update your .htaccess file if it is writable.
4. **Deactivate Plugins:** Sometimes, certain plugins may cause the 404 error. Deactivate your plugins one by one and check your website each time to see if the error is resolved.
5. **Revert to the Default WordPress Theme:** If a theme you installed is causing the error, reverting to the default WordPress theme could fix it.
6. **Contact your hosting provider:** If none of the aforementioned steps work, it’s time to get in touch with your hosting provider. There might be server-related issues that are beyond your control.
Remember, a 404 error doesn’t mean your content is gone forever. It just means the server can’t find it. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to getting your website back in order. Happy troubleshooting! 💻 #installation #WordPress #wordpress #WordPressTips #Error404 #WebsiteTroubleshooting #WPvivid

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